Grateful for “Expressions” at Sarasota Ballet

“I can’t imagine there is another company outside of the United Kingdom that is so sure-footed and at this point truly transcendent when performing the work of royal choreographers including Sir Kenneth MacMillan and Sir Frederick Ashton who were featured in “Expressions.” Who knew that deep in the gulf coast of Florida one could find a thriving British artistic outpost?”

Prescient “Eureka Day” is a hilarious and thoughtful take on modern culture wars

It was cathartic to be able to laugh at something that a year ago was one of the most difficult periods for parents, probably since the polio epidemic. New College graduate Jonathan Spencer wrote a masterful and prescient script before the COVID pandemic that speaks to the very human desire to control nature. In retrospect, it seems entirely predictable that people, particularly Americans, would clash over a debate between individual rights and a communitarian push to ensure the safety of others.

Bravo to the Sarasota Ballet for an Outstanding Season Closer

Finally, “Elite Syncopations” was so theatrical and spunky and let the company fully enjoy their final performance of a momentous season on the heels of nearly two years out of the theater. Ian Spurling’s designs were colorful and playful reflecting the lighthearted ragtime piece. Once again, the dancers brought their own personalities to the performance and left the audience wanting more. It’s hardly fair to blow us away with a fabulous final piece and then drop the curtain until the fall. Yet, these dancers deserve a break after dazzling us all year and helping us find our joy again after such a painful time in our history.

Take the Leap at Asolo Rep for Lauren Yee’s Riveting and Resonant Play

“‘The Great Leap’ is a giant win for the Asolo Repertory Theatre. The more than two-year hiatus has done nothing to dampen the spirits of the cast and crew of Lauren Yee’s tremendous play. The incredible energy from the cast and the compelling script made this the best staged play I have seen in at least five years.”

World class “Giselle” at the Sarasota Ballet is a wonder of the holiday season

“Giselle” was a unique choice for the Christmas holiday season performance, and I cannot recommend the evening-length production enough. As I have been remarking since the live season began, the grandeur of such a sprawling piece on the sweeping Van Wezel stage is another remarkable step forward for the Sarasota Ballet. Although the audience’s faces […]

Day and Night with the Sarasota Ballet

Being back at the beautiful Sarasota Opera House after a two-year hiatus, you could feel the buzz of excitement. A season like no other is picking up the pace now, and it is clear we are all savoring every moment of renewal more than ever before. Even crossing the threshold into the remarkable downtown venue […]


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