A mother’s love story premieres at the Sarasota Film Festival

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing filmmaker Nina Davenport about her latest film, First Comes LoveIn her film, she documents her experience conceiving a baby on her own. She enlists her friend Eric, who is gay, to provide the sperm and her friend Amy to be her birthing partner as she begins her journey to motherhood. She takes us on a behind-the-scenes exploration of the maternal process in her beautiful love story.

Here is my one-on-one conversation with Nina. She has a lot to say about dating, single motherhood, feminist filmmaking and the state of affairs in America for parents and families. For those who saw my interview last month with Anne-Marie Slaughter, author of Why Women Still Can’t Have It All, this is a great follow-up to Anne-Marie’s commentary. Stay tuned later this week for my interview with Gregory Collins, filmmaker of A Song Still Inside, about a father’s experience as the primary caregiver for his young son.

– Videography by McFadden Creative.

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