Lazy Fairy Improv Comedy Show at The Players

IMPROV: A form of theater where everything is made up on the spot, right in front of your eyes. There are no scripts, just suggestions thrown at them from YOU the audience. It's kinda like magic. They're not even sure how they do it. What they do know is that you will laugh - A LOT. Nice hard belly laughs. Ask anyone! They all know... make sure you do too! ;)

CASH BAR & Snacks
$12 Ticket ($3 transaction fee, so bring a lot of people and only pay it once!)

Reserve your ticket early. The last few months we've used every chair the Players had. 941-365-2494

• " will be a sellout; it's absolutely one of the best, must-see scenes in Sarasota." ~rTICKET: by MC Coolidge

“The Players Theatre is thrilled to host the “Lazy Fairy Troupe.” We have received numerous patron feedback regarding how good your guys are. I personally will not miss a performance since I think the troupe is the funniest thing I have every seen! I highly recommend other organizations and even individuals to book you for events including parties, weddings, birthdays, and even funerals! It is my pleasure to host “Lazy Fairy Improv” at The Players Theatre! ~ Michelle Bianchi Pingel, Managing Director – The Players Theatre

If you are interested in hiring the troupe for a Laughing Lunch or party entertainment. Call Matthew Panek 941-928-0964 or email

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