When a small group gets together to meditate, write, share, listen, learn, laugh and cry...things happen.

One woman wrote about her ideal future mate. Six months later, they're living together and mom and dad even approve! Another participant wrote about his addiction(s) and when he allowed his 'body' to write to him he learned a lot about forgiveness and change. He's managing his health these days and glows as thought he's taken off ten years. As the facilitator of writing workshops using writing as therapy, I highly recommend you try it. Buy a cheap notebook, one no one would expect might store your written hidden treasures, and write what you're grateful for every morning. This gratitude list is guaranteed to change your day. At night write about the good things that happened that day. This will change how your synapses fire, change what you say and share out loud to others, and will become a habit you enjoy and benefit from. Unlike physical exercise it's easy and practically free! 

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