Write For Your Soul!

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 Write For Your Soul

Come for the Experience...

The “Write for your Soul” workshop, presented by Dr. Lisa Mowrey, offers a system of writing exercises designed to allow in-depth self-expression.

"At deep levels within us we know more than we are aware
of." --- Ira Progoff


"I loved the writing workshop because it allowed me to be creative and gentle in uncovering some old wounds and look at them differently. I'd highly recommend it." - F.G.

"Dr. Lisa gave us solid boundaries and open space to journey along our personal paths. I never knew I could write!" - M.L.M.

"This workshop was like opening a letter I'd written to myself and hadn't seen before!" - J.M.

"My experience was one of appreciation for the sacred setting, the quiet contemplation, the meditations, and the laughter as well as the tears." - T. R.

All you need is a notebook and your favorite writing utensils. Good news, you will NOT need any knowledge of the craft of writing.

Location: 73 South Palm Avenue, Suite 219, Sarasota, FL
(above Caragiulos Restaurant)

Cost: $100 Per person. Student discounts available.

August 17th, 2013
(July 20th, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio, email for details!)

Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm with a thirty minute lunch break.
Please bring a bag lunch, there will be coffee, tea, and ice provided.

Wear comfortable clothes, and feel free to bring pillows or blankets if you like sitting on the floor and stretching now and then.

CONTACT: 941-544-3900 Call Now, seating is limited!

About your facilitator: Dr. Lisa Mowrey, PhD: Dr. Lisa is a psychologist practicing at the above address.
She has published a Doctoral dissertation and several articles on counseling and psychotherapy. She is currently working
on her own book titled “Write for your Soul, The Workshop." She personally enjoys "writing as therapy" and loves teaching this course. She has practiced as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and a past life regression therapist since 1994. She can be reached at
risingsunpsychotherapy@yahoo.com or 941-544-3900


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