The Times they are a'changin.

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   Well, it's been awhile since my last entry in these annuls. But it's to a good cause, our GRAND GOURMET FOOD TOUR is up and running, and so far 50+ tour guests have tasted their way around some of downtown Venices' BEST restaurants and food shops, and the reviews have been excellent.  We are very grateful to our venues, who have gone way beyond our expectations in the tasting presentations they have offered. Bravo to Becky, Luca and Antonio, Eric, Mitch & Sylvia and our mentors from the beginning, Daria & RJ and Kay.

           One of the great things about strolling the downtown area is the chance to see the changes as they occur, and changes there are. In my last blog I already mentioned Luca & Antonio's Cassariano and it's beautiful new location, and  Eric Le Glas' soon to open Café Europe. But there's much more astir on W. Venice Ave. such as the Café Panini which just opened. I spoke briefly with Nick the owner and he spoke very passionately about the quality he insisted upon for his ingredients. Good luck Nick.  I also noticed that another Italian restaurant is newly opened where Cassariano recently vacated. It's called Restaurante San Marco, and  I met one of the three young owners Nico, on one of my jaunts. Seems like a nice fellow. We wish them Bona Fortuna. Also noticed Made in Italy has a spiffy new Martini Bar next door. Pepe & Alex have been busy too!
             I want you to know that I DO get off the island once in awhile, and on my last junket to "the mainland" I noticed that the Pavilion, a brand new place nestled under the foot bridge on the bypass, was up and running.  Don't know when I'll get the time to actually taste the food at all these new places. I must make it a point to perhaps visit one of the above mentioned venues each week, so that I can get back to writing about FOOD in my food blog !!!   It's a tough job, but - - - (you know the rest).
Till next time,  Bom Appetite !!!

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