Spinella, Tenor of Illusions

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I am so impressed with all the activities going on for my friend, Joseph Spinella.  It seems doors are opening up for him right and left.


He has an amazing schedule of performances coming up in August 2011.  So check out his fan page on Facebook to keep updated. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spinella-Tenor-of-Illusions/22421361...


The dinner and opera series is working beautifully.  You will enjoy a rich, operatic tenor singing opera and Neopolitan songs.  You will also dine on some of the most elegant Italian dishes around.


But the big news coming up is, "Spinella Tenor of Illusions!"  The rehearsals are starting and the show features Joseph singing his "popera" songs while performing feats of magic.  This is indeed a show unlike anything you've seen before.  The tour starts in a couple of months in Trinidad.


So stay posted.

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