Sarasota's Fine Art Photo Documentary Collection Now Available to Collectors,Museums,Curators & Galleries

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Sarasota's The Signs of the Times Collection Now Available to Galleries,Museums,Publishers, and Private Collectors

The one of a kind,fine art photo documentary collection,the Signs of the Times,photographed over 28 years,43 states, has selected the artistic portfolio website,ArtSpan, to introduce the Collection. The collection presents,and preserves,Americana,consumer culture, commercial folk art,urban & street art starting in the early 70's -at least 95% of images in the collection are "gone forever" from America.

Billy Tucker, of Sarasota, Fl.,the collection photographer and curator said:
"We are pleased to make available the imagery from this unique documentary collection of signs,consumer culture,commercial folkart and Americana. The portfolio may be previewed at

The link to the Collection galleries at ArtSpan. Website is:

See the coffee-table book at:

Tucker's work may be more expansive than Walker Evans,Diane Arbus,Bourke-White,Bill Owens,Eggleston,Man Ray,Cartier-Bresson and other fine art photographers. His imagery is unique in that it reflects many forms of art styles and artistic expressions: cubism,still life,rococo,impressionism,modernism,abstracts and more.

The collection has preserved one of the best collection of neon,commercial folk art,and graffiti.

The entire collection may be previewed at:

NOTE:The images have NEVER been published!

Images from the collection are available for Exhibition and purchase by Galleries,Museums, Corporate Archives and Private Collectors.

For more information please contact Billy Tucker,Sarasota, Fla.
at: 941 357 3954 PO Box 1614 Sarasota,Fla 34230

email: OR

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