Record Store Day is today!

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Record Store Day is today! 

"Record stores are the hippest libraries. In these tired ole days of homogenized entertainment, where so much of the art of our society is culminated, dumbed-down and mass produced, there is a shining jewel in the rise of the indy record stores. Going to a record shop for me is like a little treasure hunt no one can take you on but yourself. It's fun to look around and see the other shoppers too...totally entrenched in their own adventure, anticipating the reward of heart wrenching, soul filling, joy making music that might just be a bin or a flip away."
- Elizabeth Cook

Here is a list of local indy record stores. Check them out! 

RocketStar Records 3.5 mi. Sarasota,
Salty Dog Records Sarasota 5.4 mi. Sarasota,
Jerk Dog Records 20.7 mi. Bradenton, 
Daddy Kool Records 52.6 mi. Saint Petersburg, 
St. Pete Records 52.9 mi. Saint Petersburg,
Planet Retro Records 53.2 mi. Saint Petersburg,
Bananas Records 55.8 mi. St. Petersburg, 
Steelworker Records 75.0 mi. Tampa, 
Microgroove 76.2 mi. Tampa,

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