Number 1 is Someone Else

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One of the things about being around for so long, you start to see correlations about things.  Remember that book, "Looking out for number 1" by Ringer?  He also wrote "Winning Through Intimidation."  Now we've had a generation or so of people growing up with that philosophy; and we have cruel and physical bullying in schools and a socio-economic meltdown based on greed and lack of integrity.

So lately I've met a few people who talk to me about spending years studying Asian philosopy and karate.  And I tell them, you have to brought up with it to understand.  I remember a fairy tale, told to my sister and I as a toddler. It was similar to Thom Thumb.

Basically, an older, childless couple finds a baby inside a peach pit.  He is no bigger than the seed.  They make small furniture for him and feed him for many years.  One day a demon comes in and terrorizes the village.  When the demon comes to this house, he tries to take away the old couple's possessions.  The little Peach Boy, takes a needle and jabs the demon's toes, eyes, and legs.  He is so small and fast, the demon can't find him. Eventually, the demon is so uncomfortable that he leaves.
Allegorical, at it's best.  No matter how small you are, you protect the elderly and the weaker.  Repay the kindness shown to you. Small efforts can drive away big demons.

All in all a bit different than say, "Looking Out for Number 1."  As I've said many times, it's ok to look out for number 1, as long as Number 1 is someone else.


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