Well, 2010 is off to a great start. I have just signed on to do the title role in an upcoming indy feature film, Baine. I will be portraying Howard Baine, an idealistic high school teacher who goes on a vengeful rampage after his teenage son is brutally attacked. The film will be shot in and around St. Petersburg, FL in late March/early April, with a release date sometime late this year/2011.

This is a role that will allow me a lot of room to grow as performer and I am looking forward to this project. For more information, go to www.bainethemovie.com . There is also a link to the Kickstarter page where you can become involved in supporting the film. In addition, check the band who will be doing the soundtrack and will be appearing in a concert scene in the film, One-Eyed Doll. Their web page is at www.oneeyeddoll.com .

I'm looking forward to working on this film and its release.

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