Movie Review--"Gravity, Space Drama at its best"©—by Kathie Moon

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Gravity,  Space Drama at its best©—by Kathie Moon,  October 7, 2013

2013, d. Alfonso Cucarón 


Don't look for a simple science fiction fan boy fix in Gravity. This is a thoughtful drama for adults, married to a pit of your stomach clinching thriller.  More science as-we-know-it fact melded into fiction from years of NASA adventures, the Hubble telescope, and the International Space Station which whizzes close over Sarasota's Big Pass occasionally. So intensely real, in the cold breathless beauty of silence and solace, pitch darkness above the earth as astronauts Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) spin in a race to stay alive until help comes. 

Director, editor, and scribe Alfonso Cucarón (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Children of Men, Y Tú Mamá Tambien) captures your full attention and never let's go in this stunningly beautiful, close to perfection movie and in 90 astonishing minutes. The script, visual storytelling, cinematography, seamless integration of animation and the new technologies in filmmaking make this a landmark film. It's the best film I've seen about the experience of space and what it is like in real time, as Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin agrees in his review (see )

Gravity  is one for the pantheon of great science fiction and science fact films like Avatar,  Star Trek (2009),  2001: A Space Odyssey,  Alien,  Blade Runner,  Aliens, Close Encounters of the Third Kind,  Star Wars (1977), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951),  Apollo 13,  and  The Right  Stuff 

George Clooney is at his most charming and in his best humor even dressed in a clumsy spacesuit and in dire circumstances. He'd be my choice for a Captain and space buddy anytime. Look for another Oscar nom for Sandra Bullock who gives an amazing heartfelt performance in what must have been a difficult film shoot. She shows her skills, with all the techno gizmos and wires, blue screen acting to, well, no one, and suspended on a rotating table or midair to simulate the weightlessness of space. 

Don't miss this epic but intimate film and the Ahhh moment that can leave one punch drunk stunned at the end. For film aficionados and kids of all ages, it's worth seeing in 3D, and even IMAX. Yes, that is former Apollo 13  film's Mission Control Leader/actor Ed Harris as Gravity's voice of NASA. After you've seen the film, spoiler alert!!! look here for a few more 'Easter Eggs' (special appreciations hidden in plain sight in a movie) 

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Kathie's Critic's Rating:  * * * * (out of four stars)

Rotten Rating: 98%

Now Showing: Sarasota AMC 12 in 3D IMAX, 3D and HD; Regal Hollywood 20 in 3D, HD; and Lakewood Ranch Cinemas in HD. 

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense perilous sequences, some disturbing images and very brief strong language. Kids 9 and up can probably handle it.







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