Since I have done, as most actors, both stage and film acting; I am asked what the difference is. One of my most revered actors is Michael Caine and he describes it this way;"Movie acting is about covering the machinery. Stage acting is about exposing the machinery. In cinema, you should think the actor is playing himself, if he`s that good. It looks very easy." There is no playing to the last row in the house when doing a movie. So, a film actor has to bring it down to real. Another great tip from Caine is that you should always keep your eyes open when doing your lines. Seems like a small and obvious thing, but I have seen many actors blinking which is a distraction from their performance at the least.
It looks like AMERICAN SOUTH is a wrap for me except for pick up shots. Producer Greg Vladimsky and director/writer Michael Clinkenbeard have a scaringly fascinating story to show. In contrast, I played a British tourist in PROFANITY-THE MOVIE who is shocked by a fanny pack in one of the instructive vignettes about language. It's all good!

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Comment by Steven Grabo on December 14, 2009 at 6:09pm
His autobiography was 'tops'! I suggest it to anyone!
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