Looking to hit 1 Million Downloads By E.O.Y.

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Well, It's almost November...
Those who haven't followed The Misplaced Comedy Group this year, have been missing out!

So... Let's play catch up!
We started out this year with a clean slate. A new cast. All new material.

By February, we started up with several podcasts...
Then some videos... A live appearance at Riverview High...
An animated parody song featuring Kerri as a Southpark character...
By July, our Reality episodes reached 12,000 sessions a day.

We then released our 11th CD "Back For More Abuse".

Right now...
Our Halloween Audio Podcast is up and running through November 7th.
To keep things moving forward toward our goal of 1 million listeners!

We're really close... believe it or not...
And the year's not over yet!

...There's more fun to be had, AND more "Comedy You can Take Home"

Listen to the new podcast here! ...as always... it's Free.

Enjoy & Happy Halloween!

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