Jaszy's Jewelry launches new e-commerce website

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As more attention has been focused on environmental sustainability and social justice, nowhere is it more apparent than in the upsurge in eco-fashion. From organic fabrics to recycled metals, more and more designers are opting to make sustainability a part of their designs. One of the front-runners in this movement is Jaszy’s Jewelry, a Florida based company focusing on eco-conscious and Fair Trade jewelry. Jaszy is proud to announce the launch of a new, user-friendly e-commerce website, www.jaszy.com.
The new website features an innovative product zoom feature which allows customers to fully appreciate the hand-crafted detail of Jaszy’s work. Jaszy is committed to online safety and security and utilizes the Google checkout making purchases simple and secure. Jaszy’s new wedding collection, also featured on the site, caters to the modern bride with custom designs for the entire wedding party.

Jasmine McAllister founded the company in 2003 after friends and family would no longer accept the jewelry she made as gifts without paying for them. Within her first year, she was featured in various publications and was selling her work in boutiques and galleries throughout Sarasota County. But as her social conscience grew, so did the vision for her company.

After much research on recycled and Fair Trade certified materials, McAllister reinvented Jaszy in 2008 as an eco-conscious business. Jaszy does guarantee that every piece has at least one eco-conscious component to it. She has even gone so far as to expand the vision of her work by implementing tagua and acai beads, responsibly harvested South American fruit seeds from palm trees.

Although recycled gold is still rather expensive, Jaszy keeps her jewelry affordable by using gold filled wire well as Fair Trade 14k & 24k vermeil components made by Hill Tribe artisans from Thailand and Indonesia. She also uses 100% recycled Sterling Silver that comes from a refiner with over 95 years experience in environmentally responsible refining, and she has a rigorous process for assuring that her gemstones are ethically sourced.

Jaszy’s commitment to the environment does not stop with her jewelry. Merchandise tags and gift boxes are made with 100% recycled paper and/or non-wood plant fiber paper. Packing material is made in-house from shredded newspapers and magazines.

Jaszy’s Jewelry is a member of Green America (formerly Co-op America) and a proud supporter of The National Resource Defense Council, The Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Earth Share, and the Environmental Defense Fund. Jaszy supports wind-power projects that offset our carbon-emissions footprint by making contributions to NativeEnergy.

“It all means nothing unless we do more to save the environment,” said McAllister. “My business will be my legacy to my family and to my community. It’s not just about making a buck, but about being a part of something important, something bigger.”

The new website was designed by Sarasota based Pro Web Designs.

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