Years ago, I was fortunate to interview one of the great actors of post WWII - James Whitmore. who served as a Marine in the war and quickly was recognized on Broadway in Command Decision playing Sergeant. He ended up not playing the role in the movie version(Van Johnson did), but scored big in Battleground playing a soldier. Think of him as Tom Sizemore on steroids when it comes to acting similar roles. He was the Everyman American - a bit gruff on the outside with a core of goodness. Some of us Horror flick fans remember him in Them! - about giant ants. Whitmore did a ton of TV character roles - my favorite was the Twilight Zone. He also did one- man shows portraying Will Rogers and Harry Truman. His last, most famous film was The Shawshank Redemption. He was also seen a lot on TV pitching Miracle Gro - being the very real guy he always was. He was to me - the next generation's Spencer Tracy. He passed away this February leaving a legacy of fine acting for generations.
WASBAND and my role as Judge Hawkins is wrapped and into post production. Finishing touches on the Western DIRT are being done this week. And, my commercial for RX-STAT is currently running.

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Comment by Michael J. Pisacreta on July 12, 2010 at 8:31pm
Thanks Pat, James Whitmore is one of my favorites
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