Is this one of a kind Signage collection American folkart or collectible photo realism?

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thanks to all for your support as the Featured Artist- 3 weeks ago.

se the book preview at:

The Sign of Our Times is one of a kind photo documentation of the "universal language" of SIGNAGE- a truly unique and highly entertaining anthology of American History, consumer culture,expressionism,commercial folk art, Neon, advertising and nostalgia.

Photographed over 25 years, and 43 states -90% of these never published images images are "gone forever"- never to be recaptured or documented!

Walker Evans,Margaret Bourke-White,Man Ray,Cartier Bresson -NO other single photographer in history has achieved the immense scope (and variety) presented in of this historic, one of a kind "photo realism" collection.

"when spoken words were insufficient to express our thoughts,emotions,humor,consciousness and the human condition,signs have always been the universal language of expressionism," Billy Tucker


Note: The complete collection of more than 200 images can be seen at

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