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The 'Studio' Concept

* During the early 90s, the World Wide Web provided a way for people to use their computers to exchange files. In general, content for the web was created by a relatively smaller group of individuals popularly known as content development groups. The average person was not involved with creation of any sort of web content.#

* The technology has moved and so have we. Web 2.0-technology made it possible to allow people to participate in Web content creation. As more & more people become empowered to participate on the internet as content producers, SHARING has come into existence.

* Studio is the food for creativity for the next generation world of web design/development platform that inspires all forms of art and collaboration on the World Wide Web. This will be understood not just by text and graphics but as a medium through which exchange and development of ideas takes place and shape. It's about artists from all fields coming together and collaborating on a universal platform.

* Studio is the participatory web – inviting everybody, amateurs to professionals, budding art students to talented housewives from all across the globe to share their talent under endless categories and being able to post soulful content.

The ‘Studio’ Integration

* The most innovative way to discover the artistic potential of individuals with the flair of making it big and create art forms onto the web-as-a-participation-platform for consumers, we built the Studio 2.0.

* In a society that is eager to flaunt their creative spirits, keeping in mind the qualitatively new and different pattern of consumer demands we present Studio 2.0.

* At present, we are already the leaders in the world's celebratory events across 192 countries and 18 cultures, which relates to reaching out to the largest audience ever imagined.

* This is an absolute new era of technology we wanted to invest in, which certainly is not restricted only to editorial content. The technological revolutions of the 21st century have taken the medium of personal expressions to a whole new dimension that needs to be explored.

* While we are constantly working on user suggested ideas for making their Studio experiences better and better, our other developments include applications and widgets for social networks & blogs - allowing users ubiquitous access across several devices and platforms.

* Studio’s user friendly interface banks on simplicity and effectiveness to meet the technological needs of content developers and artist community.

The ‘Studio’ Advantage

* Studio offers a platform for creative professionals like sketch artists, cartoonists, designers, copywriters, visualizers, photographers, animators, illustrators, musicians and not to forget the housewives, a unique place on the web to depict their creativity through ecards.

* This is the perfect platform as a path breaking experience to have appreciators around the world for the artwork. A fulfillment for any artist at the end of the day.

* Our focus on delivering expressional content has embarked the journey for our forthcoming designers & developers which would definitely keep users hooked onto Studio across USA.
Collaborate with range of artists around the world on the Studio forum. Mingle and hangout with like minded creators.

* With a 110 million visitors, this is a channel for those budding creative artists to show off their flair for art. The value of uploading and sharing their artwork through Studio could be phenomenal in terms of getting to the visibility of potential clients or employers.

* Suggest inclusion of those events or holidays you always thought the rest of the world should have known about.

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Comment by Jack Alexander on January 22, 2010 at 8:53am
Hi -- "Here is a sample of my artwork. Thank You for the invitation to join Enjoy my gift to you. I've been painting images of my visions since age three. Let us become friends while networking through this site. Visit my website:

Truly, Jack
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