How I Discovered a BETTER Way to Market My Art and Photoigraphy Busines By Using a Advertising Brokerage Service

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Its a fact,art and photography marketing in today's challenging advertising environment demands knowledge,objectivity and a very specific and  "targeted" marketing plan. We had spend lots of time and money in marketing our own art photography without much success.
Recognizing the need to better "optimize" out advertising budget and marketing plans, we found out about the Art Marketing Agency,Sarasota,


The agencys' new BROKERAGE-type services is designed  to assist artists,photographers and art collectors to more effectively reach worldwide art buyers and  markets. 

"When it comes to marketing themselves,artists often lose their objectivity or focus. Artists often need help and direction to reinvigorate their advertising." observed,Tuck Tucker Agency Director at AMA.

The Art Marketing Agency services enables an artists and collectors to work with a seasoned and objective team that will provide a portfolio review and objective consultation. The Agency then develops "specific" marketing plan work across a match the artist medium to the "right" advertising audience and buyers.
In the past,artists have wasted their valuable time and money attempting non- effective, traditional and "non-targeted" methods to market their art in an ever changing market.

The Agency services provides an objective Consultation and Portfolio Review that includes:

  • Develop a "targeted" marketing strategy based upon the specific requirements and objectives
    Design a "specialized" advertising campaign  to reach appropriate traditional and non-traditional media & buyers
    "Optimize" art marketing and budgets to better market to the "right" art buyers using multi-media "branding"
    Implementation:generate Publicity,Banner Ads,Web Site Improvements,SEO,Syndication & Social Media campaigns.

AMA's new Brokerage service will do ALL the work to market their artwork across MANY traditional and non-traditional platforms including:

Online media
Online art galleries:pay & non-pay
Print magazines
Online auctions
Brick and Mortar Galleries

"Targeted marketing works best in today's competitive market! Our services are specifically designed to target the "right" audience and media based upon the art itself" In my 25 years of working with Artists, I have found that Artist often need fresh ideas to invigorate their success." observed Tuck Tucker, Agency Director

The Artist Marketing Agency (AMA) can be the new top resource to deliver sales results and career development  as they 'broker'" the artist work across many marketing platforms.


Some recent clients have stated:

Ron W. Miami Fla.Fine Artist:

"I am relieved to have found a partner like the Art Marketing Agency. Its was just too time-consuming and frustrating to keep up with trends and to know how to effectively my work in today's art marketing.
The Team at the Agency have given me the solution.I now have a solid plan,top-ranked website and a lot MORE sales. I recommend them."

 from Karen T. in Arlington,Virginia, photographer:

"What I liked is that their services are "turnkey"- they really do ALL the work for you after the Consultation." Thanks AMA for making my life and art marketing a lot better."

Richie in Los Angeles,Portrait Artist:

I never knew where to put my time and art advertising dollars. AMA suggested 5 NO fee online gallery sites and my sales have sky-rocketed. They have saved me loads of time and money. Plus, they set me up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that helped me reach a lot more buyers."
There is a one time Consultation fee ($50 to one hour for only $150.) to review all aspects of the Artist work including their website and marketing ideas. 
 A written summary and recommendations is provided to all clients. AMA  can implement the "action" plan and regularly communicate with the artist or collector.

*NOTE: Artist may also pay a small monthly fee for on-going support and consultations.
 for more details about the advertising brokerage services simply contact:
Tuck Tucker at 239 250 4920 * - Sarasota Florida USA


So I have simnplified my life and been more successful in promoting my career- Yea!

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