How Do You Express Your Sadness?

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Raku by Satya Winkelman

How do you express your sadness in a world too busy to listen? Expressing that emptiness in the pit of the stomach is not readily acceptable in a society where it's only popular to be "up". But what if you're going through a down?

To cope, many use addictions like over eating, over-shopping, or over-doing as distractions in which to hide grief. Eventually, a high price is paid for this habit of running away from emotional expression.

Remember, crying is not a sign of weakness, but a healing release.
Grab your tissues, there is a better way!
  • Go to a quiet place, take a rest, as carrying sorrow is exhausting.

  • Know that all sadness stems from a perceived loss, real or imagined.

  • Become aware of your inner self-talk, putting yourself down keeps you there.

  • Make yourself a gratitude list, even through the tears.

  • Think of one thing you really appreciate about yourself and nurture that thought.
We all experience the pain of loss, and we can all experience the release of it. It takes time and practice learning to be our own angels.
Satya Winkelman, M.A., C.P., Artist, Psychotherapist, facilitator of DRAWING FROM THE INSIDE - ART workshops and Author of a self-help workbook using her own art as guideposts for change in “Through The Fire: A Woman’s Guide To Transformation”.
website: ART CAN HEAL

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