On May 29 in 1912, fifteen women were dismissed from their jobs at the Curtis Publishing Company in Philadelphia, PA for dancing the "Turkey Trot" while on the job. There has been debate as to whether they were fired for dancing that particular dance or for the quality of their performance. Having been a wee mite at the time, I wasn't there, but I'd bet it was the quality of performance.

After all, the Curtis Publishing Company was the publisher of the Saturday Evening Post, which was founded by Ben Franklin, who had losted it while he was out flying kites in the rain. Franklin was a big fan of turkeys, trotting or otherwise, and had even suggested that the turkey be America's national symbol rather than the eagle, the eagle being a symbol of war (and any Iraqi or Afghan can tell you what a peaceloving nation we are) and besides, turkeys taste better. I can't believe the company would discriminate against Avian-Americans.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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