I met Gene Hackman at a heavyweight boxing exhibition in Denver back in the early 70's. He was a boxing fan and travelled to many venues. He had recently won one of his two Academy Awards for playing Popeye Doyle in the FRENCH CONNECTION - yet he was there without any entourage. He was an engaging, enthusiastic everyman. Years before, he and friend Dustin Hoffman were declared "Least Likely To Succeed" at the Pasedena Playhouse. They both travelled to NYC to prove them wrong. Mission accomplished and then some. Over the years, Hackman has delivered a slew of memorable performances. I recently watched him and Morgan Freeman in SUSPICION. The movie did not do well at the boxoffice, but it wasn't because there wasn't great acting going on. Hackman is now officially retired from acting and movies are lesser for that.
I'll be in Miami the end of this week for two films. One is a French production called THE CRUISE. Right after that, I play a philosophical rail man in a film with the working title of 4 FEET 8 1/2 INCHES.

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