Florida's Top 100 Buildings Include Nine from Sarasota County

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The Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Florida) has developed a list of what they consider to be the Top 100 Buildings in the state of Florida. Nine Sarasota County buildings were named among the top 100

The public is encouraged to participate in the selection of “Florida’s Favorite Buildings” by voting online at www.aiafltop100.org before midnight, April 6, 2012.

Let's put those Sarasota County buildings on that Favorites List!

Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay -1966 - Frank Folsom Smith and Louis F. Schneider
Sarasota High School - 1958– Paul Rudolph
Ca d’Zan - 1926 Dwight James Baum/2002 restoration Bill Puig
St Paul’s Lutheran –1958- Victor Lundy
Sarasota City Hall – 1965 - Jack West
Umbrella House –1953- Paul Rudolph
New College Residence Halls - 1965 – I.M. Pei
Alta Vista Elementary – 1957-Victor Lundy
The Cocoon House / Healy Guest House – 1950 – Twitchell Rudolph Architects

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