Earth Day Message from Alex Kash

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Today is Earth Day. Today is the day that we honor The Earth for providing all that sustains us; the air that we breathe that is filtered and replenished through the photosynthesis of trees, the soil that grows plants that feed us and all creatures great and small, the water that feeds and cleans all that is, and does so many other things.
Indigenous people believe that The Earth is their mother, and that The Sky is their father. They honor this familial connection, and in doing so, they are honored by The Earth and Sky, with an abundance of the necessities of life. Where people fall away from this connection and respect for Earth the mother and Sky the father, they lose a deep meaning of life itself, for it is this love, this familial connection with the universe and all that is, its mysteries and slowly revealing secrets, that gives the deep and lasting peace and satisfaction that many people now vainly seek in technology, exploitation of resources and other corporate behaviors.
It is agreed between those who study science and those who practice faith, that 1% or less of all that is in the universe is discernable by our senses. As that is true, we have so much as yet to discover about the deeper meaning of our world, ourselves, our universe. In this creation, all has definite and meaningful purpose, whether discovered or undiscovered, and what is lost to the madness of mindless destruction is gone forever. Loss of its purpose in the matrix of life, known or unknown, leaves a hole in the fabric of life for those who still live, and for those as yet to be born. The Earth planet that we stand on, walk on, sleep on, and draw life from, is a living, sentient and very conscious being, as is all of life. All of life is conscious, and to be unconscious, to be ignorant or uncaring, is to be out of step with life itself. Life with no meaning or purpose is wasted life. It is torture for the soul, which comes to life with a definite and deeply meaningful mission, for without fulfillment of this purpose, the soul has no peace, only a lonely grasping for power, possessions, wealth, to replace or repair the hole in the fabric of life.
What is the answer to this dilemma? It is love. Love of self and all that is: reconnection with the family of the universe, and communication with and to (and through) the heart. The universe is old, wise, and patient to a point. It is listening and waiting to teach you. As thinking people, we see our differences. We criticize and compare apples with oranges. In our hearts, is a universal language that freely communicates with and to each other, (regardless of language barriers,) that communicates with plants, animals, and spirit. Try to imagine the tremendous possibilities of deep discovery available here.
On this 40th Earth Day, a whole new world awaits your eager and earnest attempt at discovery of a deep and lasting sense of peace and satisfaction. The Garden of Eden is as close as your backyard.

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