Hello all:

We are gonna do it again, with some modifications. I told you that the "Unsung Sinatra" concert at the Players Theater went very well. Well..we are going to expand it a bit and do it at the American Legion, in Bradenton. The details are below.

The basis of the selections are songs Sinatra recorded but are not commonly heard. This time I think we will add some duets for Eddie and me. And if the Latinos come, I will do some boleros (romantic Spanish rumba)

This is music for the discriminating adult. There will be dancing. Actually it's quite a nice environment for this kind of show. Try to make it. If you have read my other blogs, you know my philosophy. My objective is to bring to you the wonderful lyrics of these songs. The trio is wonderful. The price is right. Hope to see you there.


Featuring Phil Picciotti

Eddie Tobin (keyboard)
Henry Ettman (drums)
Dominic Mancini (bass)

February 6th, 2010

Show starts 7 pm

Tickets $10.00

American Legion Post 24

2000 75th Street West
Bradenton, Florida

For info call: 941-794-3489

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