Talent Explosion 2008, Players Theatre, Aug 23

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Congratulations to all the contestants of Saturday's Talent Explosion 2008, which I had the pleasure of emceeing and co-producing. Couldn't have happened without the tireless efforts of Ellen Ross & Gayle Foster, Jeffery Kin's excellent direction, the generosity of the sponsors and oustanding all-round effort by the TE Committee. Over 420 people attended and proceeds will benefit the Players School.

Here are the seven category winners of Talent Explosion 2008:
Elementary: Hannah Beatt, vocal (Tomorrow)
Middle: Erin Weinberger, dance (Shine on your Shoes)
High: Samantha Quinn-Grutzner, dance (Higher Ground)
Adult: Katy Knowles, vocal (Last One Picked)
Best Overall Performance: Sarasota Players Choreography Class (Ramalama)
Most Personality and Charisma: Suncoast Youth Theatre (You Can't Stop The Beat)
Best Style and Technique: Sarasota Players Choreography Class (Ramalama)

If there'd been an "audience choice award", it would indubitably have gone to 11-year old Maria Wirries, who received minutes of standing ovations and deafening screams for her fantastic rendition of New York, New York - maybe a tip for future organizers?
Well done, everyone!

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