T was not an easy decision to get an IPAD. After all, I had been a marketeer for Microsoft and looked upon Apple as a controlling manufacturer of user-tolerant devices. But, the IPAD itself is not truly a personal computer – though it does have some capabilities that make it computer-like. I don’t have an IPHONE nor an IPOD, so I am only somewhat familiar with these devices. One of the primary selling points of the IPAD is that it can run over 150,000 Apps developed for the IPHONE. Though this is true, these Apps were not developed to take advantage of the IPAD’s larger screen and graphics. Apple does provide for a way of doubling the image of these Apps on the IPAD. That being said, there are a great number of Apps already available specifically for the IPAD. The Apps themselves are relatively inexpensive or even FREE. And, here’ where we get to what the IPAD does that the IPHONE and the IPOD are just too small to do. Firstly, you can read books. Books are available through the IBOOK App from Apple, but you can get them through a Kindle App from Amazon too. If you want free ones, you can get them from the Gutenberg Project – which offers books that are past copywrite. Parenthetically, there is international news of all kinds from newspapers, magazines and broadcast available through various Apps. You can also stream movies from Netflix or buy them through ITUNES. ABC’s shows are available with CBS and NBC – through Hulu – about to be available. YouTube runs beautifully on it. Naturally, you can use the IPAD as a large IPOD. You can listen to virtually any radio station in the world as well as making up your own through an App called Pandora. Games are already plentiful to choose from and the graphics are stunning. Computer-like things like surfing the web and email are available along with Apple’s IWORK office suite. With all the Apps and capability, you would think that the IPAD would be multi-tasking. Not yet. The next release of the IPHONE OS – the same as the IPAD uses – will have multi-tasking among other things. Which brings us to ease-of- use. You turn on the IPAD and it swiftly boots without fanfare. Access to the Apps is done by touch. That’s it! Each App seems to have its own navigational particulars, but you can generally manipulate text and photos with your fingers. So, it is device most people can use intuitively. To me, it is an Entertainment/Information machine that my clumsy fingers can deal with. I can even entertain myself by recording on it or playing the various musical instruments available through Apps. The IPAD may be a lot of things to many people. So far, Apple has sold a bunch of them and Apps are just beginning to emerge from software developers. So, there you have my first blush review of the IPAD. Let’s see what happens six months from now.

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