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Michelle Pingel named Players' Managing Director

In case you didn't read Jay Handelman's article in this morning's SHT:

Players Theatre lays off executive director it hired in March

By Jay Handelman

The Players Theatre in Sarasota searched for more than a year before hiring Darlene Sparks as executive director.

But Sparks fell victim to a tightening economy. Her position was eliminated and she was laid off late last week from the community…

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Do as I say, not as I do

I received this communication today:

Dear Valued Comcast Customer,

In the past, you have asked Comcast not to communicate with you via email regarding offers and promotions. We respect your privacy, and will only send you essential emails related to your current Comcast Services.

I received it guessed

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What are you reading, Doug Knowlton?

To Walt Whitman, America by Kenneth M. Price. The University of North Carolina Press, 2006.

I come back to Walt Whitman,

What in the hell happened to him,

Wasn’t he a white man?

--June Jordan (1)

Here is something rare these days, like spats or an Edsel: a review of a book about a poet in a popular press publication. No worries though, this is not primarily about poetry but rather the arts, culture and social change in… Continue

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The Next President

I feel sorry for the next president, who will undoubtedly be blamed for the economy's continuing to plummet, much like Hoover was blamed for the disastrous economic policies of Harding and Coolidge (that "whoosh" you just heard was the reference's going over the heads of those whose idea of "history" is, "who won last week's American Idol).

This is why a knowledge of history is important; if the Republicans hadn't been so eager to dismantle the regulatory safeguards that were… Continue

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Another Photo

Another non-production (there must be a better term) photo:

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A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds....

  • The Bush administration allowed Lehman Brothers to go bankrupt but the following week bailed out AIG.
  • Sarah Palin was enthusiastically for the "bridge to nowhere" until it became unpopular, at which time she decided to oppose it -- but she kept the money anyway.
  • Last week, John McCain opposed regulating Wall Street; this week he's in favor of it.

Remember when Republicans thought that "flip-flopping" was a bad thing? They've certainly flip-flopped…


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P.S.: Please send $$$

Dear President Bush:

I've made some very bad decisions and now I have no money. Please send my bailout check to:

Jeffrey E. Salzberg
1234 Main Street
Anytown, FL 01234

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Set List

Set List

A nightengale Sang in Barkley Square

A tisket a tasket Ella Fitzgerald

All that jazz Ella Fitzgerald

At Last Ella Fitzgerald

Autumn Leaves Eva Cassidy

Beseme mucho Diana Krall

Boots Nancy Sinatra

Boy From Ipamema

Breaking up is hard to do Reeny Olstead

Can't take that away from me Billy Holliday

Come away with me Nora Jones

Crazy Patsy Cline

Cry me a river Ella Fitzgerald

Don’t know why Nora… Continue

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Starving Artist? Damien Hirst ART Auction Fetches Record $200 Million

Well, not all artists are starving, eh? Check this out:

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Just remember....

Jesus Christ was a community organizer....

Pilate was a governor.

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Gre Poulos Hazardous Angels at the Five O'clock Club this Friday Sept. 19th at 10pm

Friday September 19th GREG POULOS



Come see Greg and The Hazardous Angels joined by very special guests DANGEROUS DAN TOLER on guitar and MIKE KACH of Dickey Betts and Great Southern on keyboards and vocals. The smokin' rhythm section will be Dave Reinhardt on drums, and Rob McDowell on bass. Some of you know that Greg, Dan, and Mike have a long history together, so this will be a reunion of sorts. Come on out and hear some… Continue

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A Week at Sarsota's Hermitage...or summer camp?

A Week at Sarsota's Hermitage...or summer camp?

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to be one of eight decorative artists from around the country invited to spend a week at the Hermitage on Manasota Key. The Hermitage is an artist retreat, which was originally started by the Sarasota Arts Council and is now self sustaining, from what I understand. You can read all about it on their website.

For our 'retreat', eight decorative artists… Continue

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Candidates and the Arts

In a recent post, I mentioned that I had no information about John McCain's position on the arts. I still don't, but today's NY Times has some interesting -- and disturbing -- information about his running mate, Sarah Palin:

The mayor quickly fired the town’s museum director, John Cooper. Later, she sent an aide to the museum to talk to the three remaining employees. “He told us… Continue

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Nice to know that everything's working as it should


I came across a book called Events of This Day, which features columns that were printed in the Montpelier Evening Argus in 1933/34. One of the entries for July 1st was:

"Thirty years ago, the fire alarm was sounded for the first time. Everything worked perfectly, including the fire. The building burned down."

I really would have liked to meet that author.

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Bonjour, Sassenachs!

We Europeans are used to being able to travel from one country to the next within a few hours. It's nothing to drive (if you can afford the gas!) through Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and the United Kingdom in the same time it would take to travel from Sarasota to the Carolinas. Different cultures, different mentalities ... traveling to other countries is extremely important for our education, our understanding, our tolerance of others.


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Please Let Me Be Your Third-World Country

(Extra credit to anyone who recognizes the source of this entry's title)

According to the New York Times, along with every other credible news outlet (and also Fox News Channel), scientists in Switzerland have brought online a particle collider which may well give us new insight into the origins of the universe. You may recall that the US was building a superconducting… Continue

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Sarasota Police Department profiles on Talk of the Sun Coast

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be delving into the various divisions and areas of responsibility of our very own Sarasota Police Department. Besides chatting of course with SPD Chief Peter Abbott, I'm looking forward to welcoming the following officers into the 1220 AM studio:

Monday, 9/15: Detective Jack Carter, Criminal Investigations Division, crimes against property & identity theft

Wednesday, 10/1: Officer Ryan Stimpert, Patrol Division, Sexual Offender…

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I got my advance copies of the WHAM-O SUPER BOOK on Friday!

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Photos (Non-Production)

I prefer to limit the photos I upload to AnythingArts Sarasota to production photos from shows I've lit, but I wanted to share these with the world, as well:

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