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Gre Poulos Hazardous Angels at the Five O'clock Club this Friday Sept. 19th at 10pm

Friday September 19th GREG POULOS



Come see Greg and The Hazardous Angels joined by very special guests DANGEROUS DAN TOLER on guitar and MIKE KACH of Dickey Betts and Great Southern on keyboards and vocals. The smokin' rhythm section will be Dave Reinhardt on drums, and Rob McDowell on bass. Some of you know that Greg, Dan, and Mike have a long history together, so this will be a reunion of sorts. Come on out and hear some… Continue

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A Week at Sarsota's Hermitage...or summer camp?

A Week at Sarsota's Hermitage...or summer camp?

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to be one of eight decorative artists from around the country invited to spend a week at the Hermitage on Manasota Key. The Hermitage is an artist retreat, which was originally started by the Sarasota Arts Council and is now self sustaining, from what I understand. You can read all about it on their website.

For our 'retreat', eight decorative artists… Continue

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Candidates and the Arts

In a recent post, I mentioned that I had no information about John McCain's position on the arts. I still don't, but today's NY Times has some interesting -- and disturbing -- information about his running mate, Sarah Palin:

The mayor quickly fired the town’s museum director, John Cooper. Later, she sent an aide to the museum to talk to the three remaining employees. “He told us… Continue

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Nice to know that everything's working as it should


I came across a book called Events of This Day, which features columns that were printed in the Montpelier Evening Argus in 1933/34. One of the entries for July 1st was:

"Thirty years ago, the fire alarm was sounded for the first time. Everything worked perfectly, including the fire. The building burned down."

I really would have liked to meet that author.

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Bonjour, Sassenachs!

We Europeans are used to being able to travel from one country to the next within a few hours. It's nothing to drive (if you can afford the gas!) through Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and the United Kingdom in the same time it would take to travel from Sarasota to the Carolinas. Different cultures, different mentalities ... traveling to other countries is extremely important for our education, our understanding, our tolerance of others.


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Please Let Me Be Your Third-World Country

(Extra credit to anyone who recognizes the source of this entry's title)

According to the New York Times, along with every other credible news outlet (and also Fox News Channel), scientists in Switzerland have brought online a particle collider which may well give us new insight into the origins of the universe. You may recall that the US was building a superconducting… Continue

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Sarasota Police Department profiles on Talk of the Sun Coast

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be delving into the various divisions and areas of responsibility of our very own Sarasota Police Department. Besides chatting of course with SPD Chief Peter Abbott, I'm looking forward to welcoming the following officers into the 1220 AM studio:

Monday, 9/15: Detective Jack Carter, Criminal Investigations Division, crimes against property & identity theft

Wednesday, 10/1: Officer Ryan Stimpert, Patrol Division, Sexual Offender…

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I got my advance copies of the WHAM-O SUPER BOOK on Friday!

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Photos (Non-Production)

I prefer to limit the photos I upload to AnythingArts Sarasota to production photos from shows I've lit, but I wanted to share these with the world, as well:

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Authors on the radio this week

Tuesday, Sept 9, 3.05 - 3.20 pm

Lisa Black, Takeover

Wednesday, Sept 10, 3.05 -3.20 pm

Margot Justes, A Hotel In Paris

Thursday, Sept 11, 3.05 - 3.20 pm

N.J. Lindquist, Glitter of Diamonds

I broadcast my daily radio show, Talk of…

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I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

The other night, Turner Classic Movies aired The African Queen. Every time I watch it, I'm struck by the fact that the Germans in Casablanca were really stupid; all they had to do was to rent The African Queen and they'd've seen what Bogie had done to them in the first war.

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Cliff Roles' Newsletter Week September 8

In this week's newsletter:

- GOT A MINUTE? 2008, the third annual 60× 1-minute plays performed for cancer research!

- SCENE magazine with Habitat's Fairy Godmothers

- Victory of Love this Sunday at Whitfield Presbyterian

- Come to the Second Chance, Last Opportunity luncheon

- My current appearance schedule;

And of course ... The best guests on radio!

For latest guest lists and news updates, go to every day!


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Unlike some of my liberal friends, I believe that Republicans -- even the most extreme among them -- are educable.

For example, I predict that after President Obama's inauguration, the same wackos who greeted every criticism of George W. Bush with outrage and the question, "Why do you hate America?" will suddenly realize that one can love the country while deploring the actions of its government.

As a matter of fact, I suspect that their conversion will be immediate… Continue

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Living in New Jersey

In general, living in New Jersey, especially compared to living in Sarasota, but there are some really cool things about it. Here's a photograph I took about 100 yards from my front door:

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Candidates' Support of the Arts

Well, I was going to write a short piece discussing both McCain's and Obama's positions on government support of the arts (which, of course, includes but is not limited to government funding), but I've sort of hit a snag; it seems that John McCain's website doesn't seem to mention his position on this issue. Maybe that says all it needs to say.

Anyway, here's Obama's position.

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Free Speech

On the door of the administrative offices of New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal is a sign listing the hours during which one may apply for a "Free Speech Permit".

If one needs a permit, it's not free speech.

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Having trouble updating your Member Profile Page?

Hello Members,

Several Members, including me (Rick), are having problems with Profile Pages not saving changes made to them. We are working with the web developer to figure out what the problem is and how to solve it. So far, one common element may be Explorer 7.

If you have problems, please add to this Blog and give specifics about your issue, what changes you made that were not saved : in which Profile Page category box, Profile Photo,… Continue

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Harriet's Special Order Sterling Silver, 18k Gold, and Almandine Garnet Bracelet handmade by Bowman Originals.

[ Draft ]

This is a "How It's Made" blog presented by Bowman Originals for all those interested in jewelry design and fabrication, especially Harriet and her friends in this particular case. It provides a "snapshot" of the many steps involved in creating an original design special order bracelet.

We begin by pulling thee waxes to be cast in Sterling Silver and 18k Gold.…


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There are loads of opportunities out there, if you know where to find them. So, let's make the place to find them right here on Add your audition notices here as responses to the Blog. When the date passes, please remember to return and delete your entry. (Also, remember to add the notice on the calendar, as well.)

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Cliff Roles' Newsletter Week September 1

In this week's newsletter:

- Main feature: show your love and support for Community Haven!

- Brand new opera to be performed on two Sundays - Victory of Love

- SHT's Curtain Call 2008 results are in!

- Listen to the Watchdog every day live on my show during the Rep Convention!

- GOT A MINUTE? 2008, the third annual 60× 1-minute plays performed for cancer research!

- SCENE magazine with Habitat's Fairy Godmothers

- My current appearance…

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