May 2010 Blog Posts (9)

Attended "Married Alive" at the Venice Theatre.

Good cast!

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Marlon Brando and Wally Cox?

Some may know that Marlon Brando was a pal of Michael Jackson's. But, not many know that the Method-Actor of greatest renown was also the boyhood and lifelong friend of actor Wally Cox - star of the beloved MR. PEEPERS TV show of years ago. They met as children in Evanston IL. As is often the case, Cox was much more macho than his wimpy image. To say that Brando was a little offbeat is one of the major understatements of the century. Yet, these two forged a long and close friendship. To the… Continue

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saw "Shutter Island" out at the parkway!

lots of interesting twists and turns!

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Every Day Is Earth Day!

Hello All,
I have recently uploaded a new video to youtube about reconnection with Mother Earth and sustainable living. It has an Earth Day message at the end. Its called 'Out In The Country' Please check it out.

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Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr's first acting job at five years old was in one of his father's productions. His career and his personal life have rollercoasted to his new starring role as the narcissistic Tony Stark - also known as the Iron Man. His battle with drug abuse is well-known. And he claims that he finally got that he could not do it anymore. He also says that it was his own father who introduced him to drugs. Coincidently, Tony Stark has some daddy issues in Iron Man 2. The movie itself is hard… Continue

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A New Beginning

Letting Go of the old

Moving into the New

A New Beginning

A New Love

A New Life

A New Beginning

Of being a wife

Getting rid of old memories

Making new ones

Getting ready to make a move

parting with what was

getting on with what IS

All the past was lessons learned

Now I reap all of what I have earned

Being with a Man again…

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Cat Woman

Julie Newmar is perhaps best known for playing Cat Woman in the campy Batman series of years ago, but she appeared in many series and feature films = along with a stunning role as Stupefyin' Jones in Lil Abner on Broadway. She was a dancer who could stop a show. She's also incredibly bright and looks fantastic at age 75. She, along with Raquel Welch and Sophia Loren stand out as examples of outstanding pulchritude at an advanced age.I was lucky enough to meet her and spend some time with her… Continue

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Errol Flynn

With the release of yet another ROBIN HOOD movie, it''s appropriate to reflect on the actor who defined the character - movie legend Errol Flynn. It was easy to think he was a Brit when in fact Errol was Australian. He struggled and failed with two businesses in the Tasmania area of Australia before heading to Great Britain. While there, he stumbled into acting and was "discovered" by a Warner Bros. exec and brought to Hollywood. His first lead role in the smash hit CAPTAIN BLOOD set him up as… Continue

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