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"taken" at the Parkway Cinema

Pretty weak script and not a very plausable story line but Liam Nesson is better with a weak script then most actors are with a good script-and it cost $2 the parkway cinema is one of the things I love about Sarasota. next I'll try and see the new Michael Caine film.

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Reading "Lust for Life" by Irving Stone

Historical fiction about the life of Vincent Van Gogh first published in 1934 and later made into the great film with Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn

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Open Letter

Dear California:

Constitutions are for protecting rights, not limiting them.

Love and kisses,


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Went to Book signing for casting Director Lori Wyman at Sarasota News and Books

Her new book "The Organic Actor" it was a grat presentation and a nice turn out.

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The McAllister Code

On July 4, I will be releasing my new book The McAllister Code at The book is an interstellar adventure through the mind and heart about a couple of aliens who come to Sarasota in order to make it into a marketing mecca. Initially, the book will be distributed through serial email publication for the cost of only one dollar. Sign up now to be among the first to read it.

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Hello-are you struggling?

Hi to whoever is listening. I am new to this website and hope to hear from other artists. We are all struggling right now [ or most of us, anyway] and perhaps like me could use some support.
My sales are way--------------------way down this year. Sometimes it is hard to keep up the urge to create [not that sales spur creating, but that selling cleans out the backlog of work for new things].

Added by Dr. Mary-Louise Biasotti Hooper on May 29, 2009 at 10:28am — No Comments

Morning Pages vs Blogging

Many times in Artist's Way classes we have discussed the differences between doing Morning Pages on the computer and writing them out in long hand. I have always advocated going long hand, personally there seems to be a wonderful flow that to occurs through the pen and onto the paper. Working on the computer is still very awkward, so I do not not think blogging will ever replace my morning pages. Not to mention having my Morning Pages accessible and readable to anyone. Jeez, is that scary. I… Continue

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Control, Chaos & Crazymakers

And not necessarily in that order!

Crazymakers appear to be a fact of life. They are the people and/or the situations that march into your life and demand your attention. Crazymaker’s problems always come first, chaos swirls around them, and although they may offer to help you out, every now and again, it is always on their terms, or there are serious strings attached. They rarely take responsibility for any of their own actions, blaming others regularly for what ever problems exist.… Continue

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Living the life

Add a Blog!

I discovered this site looking for an old friend, and maybe someone will read this. I live in a Derbyshire village in U.K, and have come to own an old 17c. barn which belonged to the village butcher. This barn included a slaughter house, and shop, all very 1950s, and the barn is in terrible shape. I spent the afternoon going through a mass of Bills, letters and other correspondence, all relating to Bert the Butcher, and my wife found photographs

of Bert, mostly during… Continue

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Wrapped "Profane Language" indie feature filmed in Miami.

wrapped my role as 'Bernie"

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Early last week an indie film produced out of NYC was in Sarasota shooting some scenes for the movie The Jonestown Defense and at one point we were improv-ing while circling over Wauchula in a small aircraft. You just never know how your experiences can prepare you for the unusual. This coming weekend, one of my favorite people, Lori Wyman, will be in town for a booksigning Friday night and a two-day workshop on Auditioning for TV&Film Saturday and Sunday. I look forward to seeing a lot of… Continue

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Doing a reading of David Coyle's New Play "Fullness of Time" tonight

love doing dramatic readings

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"Devils Disciple" at the Asolo

closing of "DD" by GBS ok production - another bit of nice work by Dan Donahue

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Beans & Seeds "Sunset At The Beach" This Friday Night!

Beans & Seeds

This Friday, 5/22/09

from 8 pm until 11 pm

Join us for Fun, Food, and Live Music

The Lock & Key Restaurant

Across From Englewood Beach

on Beautiful Manasota Key

2045 North Beach Road ~ Englewood, FL 34223


Find out about Beans and Seeds at…

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on location filming "Profane language" in Miami

I really like Miami- always have

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Actors sometimes pigeonhole themselves and limit their ability to grow and prosper. Fortunately, my new found "career" has a lot of variety. I act in movies and on the stage. Even an occasional mystery dinner theater is scheduled. And, of course, I do radio and TV commercials whenever I can do them. Then, there are voiceovers of various stripes.

The big event after Memorial Day weekend is the booksigning at Sarasota News & Books on the 29th by multi-award winning Casting Director, Lori… Continue

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Monday, May 18: Please assemble at 10 am in the reception area of the Holiday Inn, Lido Beach 233 Ben Franklin Drive Sarasota FL 34236 Men and women, any type, for lobby scene. You will be needed pr…

Monday, May 18: Please assemble at 10 am in the reception area of the

Holiday Inn,

Lido Beach

233 Ben Franklin Drive

Sarasota FL 34236

Men and women, any type, for lobby scene.

You will be needed pretty much for the full day (estimated wrap 10:30-11pm). There are some we can send home after our first scene, and others as we complete certain scenes, but the rest will need to stay.

EXTRAS are as follows:

1. NY Businessmen Age 40s-50s. Male.…

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Murderers at The Asolo Theatre

watched Ann Morrison on stage and liked it very much

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cast in a new play in New York

Rehersals begin May 26th.

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Womens Theatre Collaborative performed at Benefit for Banyan Theatre Longboat key

I ran sound for WTC.

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