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The Players Theatre urgently needs backstage crew for "Titanic" - You won't drown, I promise!

The Players Theatre is in dire need of backstage crew for its forthcoming mammoth production of Titanic, which sports a 50-person cast, a gigantic set and bloody good music. You'll work all aspects of backstage crew and tech work. Ideal for theatre and performing-arts students, actors and would-be directors seeking backstage experience. You'll learn from the best. You're needed NOW and the production runs thru March 29. It's mostly evening work (approx. 7pm - 10.30…

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A Balanced Approach to Healthy!

A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that people who cut out 230 calories daily for one year, but didn't exercise lost muscle mass, strength and aerobic capacity.

As a BodyMindSpirit Practitioner, I have consistently educated my clients to undertake a balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle. This includes healthy enjoyable movement (exercise), daily healthy eating (die-t), supportive water intake and positive focused thoughts. Here are a few tips to integrate… Continue

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State of the Arts Gallery Opening

The gallery hasn't had an opening in a long time so don't miss this one opening of the season on March 6. hours are uncertain, but 6 - 8 pm are a sure thing.
see you there
Jill Hoffman-Kowal

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I Was Saved . . .

I was in my mid year in college when I encountered a very drastic experience that I would never forget. I was about to join a night-out party when, accidentally, or should I say because of my arrogance, I slide and fell on the ground while taking a bath.

As expected, I broke the left side of my pelvis, but it wasn’t that harmful. I was really hurt then. My mom rushed me to the nearest hospital and I got all the necessary medications. The doctor didn’t prolong my agony.… Continue

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Arts Funding, Redux

While blogging on the future of classical music, Greg Sandow has said:

The economic argument for giving stimulus money to the arts is shallow, and easy for non-arts organizations to trump. It's hard to argue for money for the arts when money for crucial social programs -- public health, for instance -- is lacking. It's hard, politically, to give stimulus money for arts organizations like the Metropolitan… Continue

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Raw Intent

One of the great things about taking an acting class is the opportunity to do a role you'll never realistically get casted for. I know that sounds odd, but it makes you create somebody who is very different from who you are. Ron Myroup, who is teaching the Raw Intent group, is having me play a young man in his 20s with the mind of a 12 year old, who is a sociopathic killer of children. The character is Michal from the astoundingly intense play THE PILLOWMAN. It is creepy simply to read the… Continue

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Manatee Players bats for fun with ‘Damn Yankees’: Jay's review in the SHT of Friday, Feb. 20

Manatee Players bats for fun with ‘Damn Yankees’

By Jay Handelman

Published: Friday, February 20, 2009

The Washington Senators have morphed into the Pirates in Rick Kerby’s production about a die-hard fan’s pledge to sell his soul to the devil if he can help his team beat the damn New York Yankees.

The switch required some minor changes to the script, none of which diminish the story.

Rodd Dyer plays Joe Boyd, the aging fan with a bad…

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Love conquers almost all in "L'amico Fritz" - Richard Storm's review in the SHT of Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pietro Mascagni’s “L’amico Fritz” (Friend Fritz) is a relative rarity on the opera circuit these days, overshadowed by the popularity of the composer’s earlier masterpiece, “Cavalleria rusticana.” Its revival by Sarasota Opera provides reasons to understand both the neglect it has suffered and the need to give it the attention it deserves.

This is a relatively simple story of misunderstood and unrequited love, complicated by the often-absurd complexities of the libretto but fairly…

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About Sarasota

SARASOTA... Nestled along a beautiful stretch of Florida’s Gulf Coast, this dynamic and diverse community sits on the east shore of Sarasota Bay, a pristine environment whose west shores are formed by a series of barrier islands known as Longboat Key, Lido Key and Siesta Key. While much of the region’s vaunted quality of life revolves around Sarasota’s doorstep access to the Gulf of Mexico’s turquoise waters, miles of beaches and year-round harvests of seafood, this Art Town also… Continue

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Many of you know that 90% of success in life comes from just showing up. After auditioning for an indie film role last week, I got a call this weekend from the writer/director asking me to take the lead role of Nick in the film SUBPRIME. It is certainly timely, as I play a burned-out supersalesman who manages a predatory mortgage house. SUBPRIME chronicles the ugly deceptions and moral ambivalence that the housing bubble and government sponsored greed perpetuated. Principle shooting begins next… Continue

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Cliff Roles narrates Kahlil Gibran's THE PROPHET

In March 2007, at the invitation of David Owen Ritz of Sarasota's Center for Positive Living, I narrated Kahlil Gibran's THE PROPHET over four Sundays. If you'd like to listen to the recording, which I have edited together to a total length of around 56 minutes, please click here: The… Continue

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Improv Thoughts

I don't know about you, but I tend to "mini-script" my day on an ongoing basis. That's why the Improv Class I am taking with Chris Friday on Monday nights is such a good stretch for me. Improv sounds easy as an acting genre - no lines to remember, unknown structure. But, in reality, it is a real discipline in focussing on what is going on and reacting in a plausible way. It is the classic "In The Moment" idea of acting. And, it embellishes the regular acting that you do. Improv is a real mental… Continue

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Upcoming Venice Plein Air Event

Lunch at Luna's, 12x16, oil on canvas

Last week I decided to warm up for the upcoming Paint-Out in Paradise which begins in two weeks. It's a week long plein air invitational event through the Venice Art Center, which culminates in a wonderful catered reception at the end of the week, and which will be on Friday, February 27th this year. Last year was a lot of fun. I painted three Venice scenes, two of which sold the night of the reception.… Continue

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Opera finds a recipe for love

Opera finds a recipe for love
by Jay Handelman.

In years past, Mara Bonde has sung the role of Adina in "The Elixir of Love," but she doesn't think it counts as she prepares to return to the role Saturday night at the Sarasota Opera.

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HAMLET - The Pitch Man

Friday, I was called in at the last minute to do a bit for the upcoming Florida ADDY Awards Show. I rushed over to Orlando to the palatial offices of Engauge Advertising and was met by the director and crew of frogtreecinegrafix in the Board Room. It turns out I was to portray Hamlet doing an ad campaign pitch to a fictitious client called Fizz Cola. It's going to be used to fill in those moments between prizes being awarded. The team had an appropriate costume for me - along with a heavy sword… Continue

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Economic Impact of the Arts

Recently, Ron Nehring, the Chairman of the California Republican Party, was on C-SPAN, and he said that Michael Steele, the new RNC chairman, will help people see "the benefits of Republican ideas".

Well, we've seen the benefits of Republican ideas, thankyouverymuch. We see them every time we turn to the financial news.

Mr Nehring also made some remarks about the inclusion of arts funding in the stimulus package. I sent him this, through the… Continue

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Asolo's 'Mr. Green' is worth revisiting - Jay's SHT review of Mon., Feb. 2


Kraig Swartz, left, and David S. Howard star in "Visiting Mr. Green," about a young man trying to make amends for a near accident.

By Jay Handelman

Published: Monday, February 2, 2009

You know where Jeff Baron's play "Visiting Mr. Green" is going long before the characters get there, but the journey from start to finish in the Asolo Repertory Theatre is one of infinite…

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