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Hey everyone...

Let me share some interesting news with you all, the latest feature on 123Greetings is called 'STUDIO' which we plan to release to the public very soon. With an astounding exposure to 120 million unique visitors across 192 countries, this platform is a medium for all genres of artists to see their ART taking shape, and reaching out to the masses through worldwide EXPOSURE.

This medium provides artists a great opportunity to showcase their work to a larger audience worldwide; it’s your platform to a Successful Artistic Fame. Once on STUDIO, an Artist Profile & Portfolio gets automatically created that opens up a world of possibilities. The PROFILE could be used for showcasing your work to potential employers/future clients. The Profile also shows statistics of every single piece of work - Views, Sent, User Ratings, to name a few.

Oh! Did I forget to mention, apart from all the attention you’ll get, there's also a FORUM section where any artist can connect to other Studio artists for gaining broader artistic knowledge through Association & Collaboration.

Below are some important STUDIO links:

STUDIO Homepage -
STUDIO Sign-up -
STUDIO Forum -
STUDIO Artist Profiles -
STUDIO Facebook Group -
STUDIO AnythingArts Group -

If that’s reason enough, then let’s get started... Go ahead; challenge each other to see WHO makes it to the top of the list... All the best! You may also want to join us on our Facebook STUDIO Group to share your experiences with us.

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