I have met very talented poets from Sarasota - in Bradenton and in Venice! Once, I met some who called themselves the "Naked Poets," but I have not found a circle in town. Can you help me get in touch with one, OR shall we start a new one? My house can be open one evening per week for this ... :-)


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Hey Catherine -

good idea. There are several that meet at the Library and various bookstores in Sarasota. I think they're listed on the Arts Council sites, and usually post in the local papers. I believe one is called "Selby Poets". Let us know what you find out, and what you decide to do.

Meanwhile - interest is building in our response to Elayn Leopold's portraits project - feel free to join in or encourage others - the site is here:



Hey Doug ... thanks! I had a look and saw some awesome writing going on, and went to Poe Tree and read to George his two seconds of fame on your blog, heh heh heh. It's been too long, far too long since I've been up there to visit. It's on this Friday, yes? I have friends from England. I think we'll have to come ... I'll ask Mike to bring his guitar ... .... ... :-)
Check in with Su Byron and/or Cristy Carrington


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