If you have a debt of $20,000.00 and you make a minimum payment of $411.00...

Option 1: at an interest rate of 24.49%, it would take you 20 years to pay off that creditor. The total paid to the creditor would be $98,640.00 if you just make minimum payments.

Option 2: to our Debt Negotiation program, an option is that it would take you 30 months to complete, and the total paid into the program would be $14,121.00.

The Result: The difference between Option 1 and Option 2 is $84,519.00 and 17 years, 6 months less.

What would you do with the $84,000.00? Buy a home? Go on vacation? Pay college tuition? Buy 2 new vehicles? or give it to your creditor?

Are you a slave to your debt? Are you working day after day, year after year just to simply pay your bills?

If so, isn't it time you stepped our of your problem and into a solution?

Call 941-320-0818 today to start considering better solutions.

After all, the only thing you have to lose is your debt!

**Quoting from Harold Shepley & Associates, LLC, "A Debt Relief Law Firm"

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