I am the newest member here and I joined in hopes of finding actors/improv actors who want to take part in this original entertainment gimmic of which I feel has great potential for further production once it gets exposure on You-Tube. What I have been working on is a much more outrageous version of Jay Leno's JayWalk All-Stars. I will build the basic Jeopardy game show set. I already come up with over 400 very humorous questions. I need a place to shoot this. Whether it be in a private home or a small stage. There is much more originality going into this production. I am in Naples,but willing to move to Sarasota if I can succeed with this dream. I have other original comedy show ideas as well, but this game show has the most potential to take off. What do you think? and can anyone out there help me out?

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Hi Rexx!

Great idea! I have a friend I want to put you in touch with. We were in a phenomenal Improv Class (which, unfortunately is no longer). His name is Eric Tate and he's one of THE most creative persons I know. There are a lot of "US" here in Sarasota, so if you came here, you'd have no problem finding people who've done improv!! How can I put you in touch with Eric? Do you have an email address I could give him? It would be easier if you emailed me at featheredserpent1@msn.com since I may not check this site very often. Thanks!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandrea stone
Hi Rexx- If you're looking for an announcer, I'd be interested in learning more about the project. Thanks, Doug

Doug, which emial do I use to keep in contact with you? I will try the one you gave me. {how often do you check your Anything Arts Page?}


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